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KBC Play Along Important Details – FAQ’s – Read Here – Download SonyLiv App


What is KBC Play Along?

KBC Play Along is an exciting concept which allows you to play along with Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) being broadcast on Sony Entertainment Television (SD&HD) starting 3rd September. The application will display the questions and answer options in sync with the KBC broadcast. As and when the question is asked during the episode, the question is live in the app. Based on the answer options shown on the TV, players should select the answer and lock it. Answers will be revealed on TV and App simultaneously. Correct answers enable a player to move ahead in the game and earn points.

KBC Play Along - SonyLiv App

How do I get KBC Play Along?

Players should download latest version of SonyLIV app (available for Android on Play Store / for iOS on App Store for free). Once installed you can click on the ‘KBC PlayAlong’ banner or icon or channel name to access KBC PlayAlong. We would love for you do this before the broadcast starts so that you have enough time to get acquainted with the format and select your preferred language.

How much time will I get to answer the question?

In part it is to keep the spirit of the game alive, and in part it is to ensure that everybody gets level playing field. During each episode of the Show, the PAP will have to answer questions within the Stipulated Time. The Stipulated Time varies for each question, and will be a minimum of 15 seconds. However, in all the above cases, if the next question has been asked on the TV show, the timer of the current question will not extend beyond that time.

I did not select ‘Lock It Down’ after selecting the answer, would my answer be recorded?

Unfortunately no, ‘Lock It Down’ tells us that you are confident about the answer and want to submit that answer.

Which lifelines will I be able to use on KBC PlayAlong?

Unfortunately, players cannot get access to lifelines, due to process and technology issues.

I gave a wrong answer, do I have wait for the next contestant to come on TV?

No, you will have to wait till the next question is asked on the Play Along Game.

Can I tell my friends that I am playing KBC PlayAlong?

bsolutely!! We would be thrilled if you do that. You can select ‘Share’ icon and let your friends on Facebook / Twitter / Whatsapp know that you are enjoying playing KBC PlayAlong.

How are you calculating my points? in KBC Play Along

KBC PlayAlong Points are calculated based on the money on offer for the current question level. In simple terms, if the current question is for Rs 5000/- you will receive 50 points, on the higher side, if the question is for 7 Crores (700,00,000) you get 70,0000 points. Refer the table given below:

KBC Play Along Point Table

Points can also be earned by watching videos in the “Watch Video” section. 20 points will be awarded to the PAP for first time viewing of each video. 20 points will be awarded to Participants answering the Profile related questions updated in the KBC Registration section.

Would my points be only for a single episode? in KBC Play Along

Well, that’s where we are different. Your points are accumulated throughout the season. You can keep playing with all the contestants during this season of KBC. Though on TV only one person can win at a time, here you can win with every contestant.

How do I give you feedback about the KBC Play Along?

That’s really sweet of you!! Please email us at [email protected]

What happens if the network connection breaks or I get a call or SMS while I’m playing the KBC Play Along game?

If you get a call or SMS while playing, do not exit the SonyLIV app, but continue playing after your call has ended. However, the timer may have ended, in which case you will need to wait till the next question is asked on the TV show.

In the event network connection breaks for any reason, you may be disqualified from continuing to play one or more questions. PLEASE remember to stay in an area with a good network connection when playing this game! And do try and avoid lifts, basements and tunnels.

If I change my phone number, can I continue to play the KBC Play Along game?

Your phone number is your identity in the SonyLIV app. Using a different phone number would mean you are a new participant as far as we are concerned. So, to maximise your points, stick to one phone number! And don’t play with another person’s phone number – or that person will be the one winning the points and prizes, if any!

Can anyone play the KBC Play Along game?

Only persons who are 18 years or above on the date of playing, Indian citizens, and of sound mind are permitted to participate.

What prizes am I eligible to win?

All Play Along Participants who have scored the highest number of points for a Play Along Game for any episode of the show are eligible to win various prizes throughout the Season including the Season Prize of a Mahindra Marrazzo.

Further, basis the aggregate points collected from EP-1 to EP-40 and completed Profile Questions updated in the Bonus Questions section, Play Along Participants will be eligible to win the Jackpot prize – Top 10 Play Along Participants will get to play as Hot Seat Contestants for the Show for a total of 5 episodes (Episode numbers 55 to 60)

How will I know if I have won any prizes?

Jackpot prize: 10 people making it to the FFF round of the finale week Jackpot winners will receive a call-back from our call centre representative within 5 days from winner determination. The Jackpot winners will be contacted on the mobile number provided by them at the time of registration.

Season Prize: Mahindra Marazzo Season winners will receive a call-back from our call centre representative within 5days from winner determination. The Season winners will be contacted on the mobile number provided by them at the time of registration. We will make 3 attempts and if the person is unreachable, we will move to the next person. We will select 3 winners from the randomizer based on the scores on 26th Oct.

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  • Anupama Kapoor December 1, 2018, 4:48 pm

    I played regular through Sony Live App, got wonderful point on each episode, but till now i didn’t receive any prize, neither any mail or call receive from KBC or Sony, i don’t know its fake, or making fool to people, i am still waiting after complete the season 2018 but till date i didn’t receive a single reply on mail or prize. Don’t fool the people, i’ll suggest to every one its only TRP.

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