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KBC Play Along App Download Sonyliv Play Along to Play KBC

KBC Play Along App Download – KBC Sonyliv Play Along App Download here – SonyLiv KBC Play Along Prizes, APK Download Android, iOS Apple, Blackberry :

KBC Play Along App Download

Hello Friends, here we have given information about KBC Play Along, so all the candidates, who will want to download SonyLiv KBC Play Along App Free, then it can be possible here, so stay connect with us and download SonyLiv App to Play KBC Play Along. First of all you all need to read its term and condition of KBC Play Along App and then you are able to download it, so give attendance on below details.

The Sony TV has also Launched KBC Play Along App. All smart phone users Download this KBC Play Along App to play Kaun Banega Crorpati in real time. This App through user will win great prizes. To check Sony Liv KBC Play Along Prizes, please Click Here.

Download SonyLiv App for KBC Play Along

The candidate, who want to play Kaun Banega Crorepati without selecting from the KBC Registration, they all are able to play KC by Downloading SonyLiv KBC Play Along App. KBC is now started and all the contender, who are selected for the Kaun Banega Crorepati Season 10, they all play with the Bollywood star MR. Amitabh Bachchan. As Big-B said, don’t get मायूस (Mayus), you can still play KBC Live by downloading Sony Liv KBC Play Along App.

Download KBC Play Along App and enjoy to play Kaun Banega Crorepati 2018 Season 10… so Hurry Up and Install SonyLiv KBC Play Along App.

We apologize for the inconvenience : From past few, SonyLiv KBC Play Along is not Working Properly due to some technical issue. However, it is working fine now and you can download latest verious of KBC Play Along App from Google Play Store. We regret the unforeseen glitches that interrupted your experience with KBC Play Along on Sony LIV. We are committed to resolve and give you an exciting & uninterrupted gaming experience.

How to Download SonyLiv KBC Play Along App

Here we have mention few steps, which use all candidates are able to download KBC Play Along App which is launched by Sony TV by following below steps.

KBC Play Along Prizes

Today KBC GBJJ Question

Sony Liv KBC Play Along App to Plal Kaun Banega Crorepati Season 10

Kaun Banega Crorepati was started on 3 September 2018 and Mr. Amitabh Bachchan is encore of this reality show. KBC is given chance to win the biggest money from this show of the people of India. The People of India are only able to apply for this show and participate & win money. First of all KBC Registration has started in June 2018 and its running five days with daily question.

  • First of all need to visit official website kbc.sonyliv.com or follow below link to download Sony Liv KBC Play Along App.
  • On home page you will able to select link of KBC Play Along App Download.
  • Now on Main Scree, you will be asked SignUp with your Facebook ID/Google ID or you can go with manual Sign Up process to complate registration process.
  • Now accept Accept T&C button and select your Preferred Language.
  • Now select Gender like Male, Female or Other.
  • After that, choose Age Rang and click next.
  • Now choose your education qualification and occupation.
  • Finally, Click on submit button and to complete registration on Sony Liv App for KBC Play Along.
  • Now Play KBC Play Along with SonyLiv App and enjoy.

Download Android App Now

SonyLiv KBC Play Along Download From Here by using below direct link and enjoy to play KBC Seseaon 10 with your phone of PC. You can follow given Steps to register your self for KBC Play Along 2018.

Step-1: To complete KBC Play Along Registration via SonyLiv App, Click on “Play Now” yellow button. You can check below image to get complete idea.

KBC Play Along

Step-2: KBC Play Along Registration Process will start with Gender (Level 2). Here you have choose your respective gender like Male, Female or Other.

Step-3: Now you also have to select Age Rang (18-22, 23-30, 32-40. 41-50 and 51+) which is important part of KBC Play Along App Registration Process.

Step-4: Next step is answer question “Are you a Graduate” in yes or no. You can get clear idea about Education Qualification in below given image.

Step-5: Now select your Occupation like Doctor, Engineer, Lawyer, Government Service, Private Services, Shop Owner and Business Owner, Students and Other.

Step-6: Finally, Click on “Submit” button and to complete registration for KBC Play Along App.

KBC Play Along APK

Kaun Banega Crorepati Season 10 Registrations over on in June 2018. Huge numbers of candidate applied and try to select in registration process through the given right answer by SMS. KBC Team is selected some of talented and fast of fast candidate for this show.

There are lots of people who have applied for Hot Seat but not selected. Such a people can download Sony Liv KBC Play Along App to play Kaun Banega Crorepati while setting at home.

SonyLiv KBC Play Along APK Download

The aspirant, who are selected for the Kaun Banega Crorepati Season 10, they all are satisfied, but some of very talented, who are not selected, they all are fill very sad. But KBC Sponsor and broadcasting team has given the chance to win Nissan Datsun Ready GO Car through the Ghar Baithe Jeeto Jackpot daily question and also with it release new game is KBC Play Along App.

KBC Play Along App – User Review Check Here

Anas Khan – 3 September 2018

If any issue with SonyLiv KBC Play Along. Check your phone 1st. Awesome app. was thinking the same as KBC not opening terms and conditions not accepting But it was my old phone bug now it run smoothly ? and More features than any other messenger applications.

Dhanjit Bora – September 3, 2018

Loving it KBC Play Along. My rank has not been updated after yesterday episode. Please solve this.

Ravindra Singh – September 3, 2018

It is more wonderful idea kbc. Thank for giving us KBC Play Along App…

Dileep Kumar – 3 September 2018

Its good for all because it help to increase moral and support as guider.Thanks

KBC Play Along App

KBC Play Along APK Download Free

SonyLiv KBC Play Along APK is working with the Kaun Banega Crorepati show. The KBC when start KBC Play Along APK Download and start playing KBC Play Along above the show. You will receive question in your KBC Play Along and you will need to give right answer of it. If your question answer is right, so you will get some point, which decided by the authority. After over the KBC authority has released its ranking list and gives them the some attractive gift.



“KBC Play Along Game (PAG)” is a skill based online quiz game which is being hosted and can be played on the Sony Liv app which is owned by Sony Pictures Networks Limited II. DEFINITIONS:

  1. For the purposes of the Rules & Regulations, the expressions used as shown herein-under shall have the meaning ascribed to them as shown herein-below:
  2. “Company” or “SPN” means Sony Pictures Networks Limited
  3. Play along game” or “PAG” means the general knowledge online quiz titled “KBC Play Along Game” which will be played by the PAP in accordance with the Rules & Regulations.
  4. Episode” means an episode of the Show Kaun Banega Crorepati – Season 10 (“KBC”) being produced by BIG Synergy Media Limited for initial exhibition on Sony Entertainment Television channel (“SET”) which is owned by Sony Pictures Networks India Pvt. Ltd. and/or its affiliates.
  5. “Fastest-Finger First/FFF” means that part of the Show where a question is asked to the selected on-show Participant(s), who in turn shall answer the same. The first on-show Participant to correctly answer the question shall be entitled to proceed to the Hot Seat as the Hot Seat Contestant.
  6. Hot Seat Contestant(s)” means the winning contestant(s) of the Fastest Finger First round and who occupies the Hot Seat before the host of the Show to participate further in KBC.
  7. Sony Liv” means the application hosted by the Company where the PAG will be accessible from.
  8. Play Along Participant(s)” or “PAP” means any person(s) who registers and / or participates in the PAG and who (i) is above eighteen (18) years of age as on 03 Sep, 2018; (ii) is a citizen of India residing in India (iii) is of sound mind and health and (iv) agrees to enter into and participate in the PAG in accordance with the Rules and Regulations as defined in this document.
  9. Producer means the producer of the Show which is Big Synergy Media Ltd. i. “Rules & Regulations” means these rules and regulations governing the PAG, as stated herein in entirety and as may be amended by the Company from time to time.
  10. Stipulated Time” for the purposes of the PAG shall mean either (i) the period until which the Company permits a PAP to answer any question forming part of the PAG; or (ii) the time taken by the Hot Seat Contestant to answer the question, whichever is lower, subject to a minimum of 15 seconds.
  11. Episode Winner(s)” means such number of PAP(s) as may be selected from and amongst the PAPs who have all scored the highest points for a PAG for any Episode of the Show (or part thereof). The Episode Winner is eligible for the Episode Prize. Any PAP can be an Episode Winner only once.
  12. Episode Prize(s)” means the prize that will be awarded to an Episode Winner as may be announced by the Company from time to time on PAG.
  13. Season Prize(s)” means the prize that will be awarded to the Season Winner as may be announced by the Company from time to time on PAG.
  14. Season Winner(s)” means such number of PAP(s) as may be selected from and amongst the PAPs who have all scored the highest cumulative points during the period starting from September 03, 2018 to October 26, 2018 (or part thereof)
  15. Jackpot Winner(s)” means such number of the shortlisted PAP(s) as may be selected from and amongst the PAPs who have played the PAG anytime during the period starting from September 03, 2018 to October 26, 2018 and filled the registration form on or before October 26, 2018 (23:59:59).
  16. Jackpot Prize(s)” means the prize that will be awarded to the Jackpot Winner as may be announced by the Company from time to time on PAG; s. “Winners” shall mean either the Episode Winner(s) Season Winner (s) or the Jackpot Winner(s) or any other winner as may be determined by the Company in terms of the Rules & Regulations.


The PAPs should participate in the PAG by registering on the Sony Liv App in the KBC Play Along Game (PAG) section. The game will be available on the App as per the following schedule.

  • Episode No.1 Date: 03-Sep-18
  • Episode No.2 Date: 04-Sep-18
  • Episode No.3 Date: 05-Sep-18
  • Episode No.4 Date: 06-Sep-18
  • Episode No.5 Date: 07-Sep-18
  • Episode No.6 Date: 10-Sep-18
  • Episode No.7 Date: 11-Sep-18
  • Episode No.8 Date: 12-Sep-18
  • Episode No.9 Date: 13-Sep-18
  • Episode No.10 Date: 14-Sep-18
  • Episode No.11 1 Date: 7-Sep-18
  • Episode No.12 Date: 18-Sep-18
  • Episode No.13 Date: 19-Sep-18
  • Episode No.14 Date: 20-Sep-18
  • Episode No.15 Date: 21-Sep-18
  • Episode No.16 Date: 24-Sep-18
  • Episode No.17 Date: 25-Sep-18
  • Episode No.18 Date: 26-Sep-18
  • Episode No.19 Date: 27-Sep-18
  • Episode No.20 Date: 28-Sep-18
  • Episode No.21 Date: 01-Oct-18
  • Episode No.22 Date: 02-Oct-18
  • Episode No.23 Date: 03-Oct-18
  • Episode No.24 Date: 04-Oct-18
  • Episode No.25 Date: 05-Oct-18
  • Episode No.26 Date: 08-Oct-18
  • Episode No.27 Date: 09-Oct-18
  • Episode No.28 Date: 10-Oct-18
  • Episode No.29 Date: 11-Oct-18
  • Episode No.30 Date: 12-Oct-18
  • Episode No.31 Date: 15-Oct-18
  • Episode No.32 Date: 16-Oct-18
  • Episode No.33 Date: 17-Oct-18
  • Episode No.34 Date: 18-Oct-18
  • Episode No.35 Date: 19-Oct-18
  • Episode No.36 Date: 22-Oct-18
  • Episode No.37 Date: 23-Oct-18
  • Episode No.38 Date: 24-Oct-18
  • Episode No.39 Date: 25-Oct-18
  • Episode No.40 Date: 26-Oct-18
  • Episode No.41 Date: 29-Oct-18
  • Episode No.42 Date: 30-Oct-18
  • Episode No.43 Date: 31-Oct-18
  • Episode No.44 Date: 01-Nov-18
  • Episode No.45 Date: 02-Nov-18
  • Episode No.46 Date: 05-Nov-18
  • Episode No.47 Date: 06-Nov-18
  • Episode No.48 Date: 07-Nov-18
  • Episode No.49 Date: 08-Nov-18
  • Episode No.50 Date: 09-Nov-18
  • Episode No.51 Date: 12-Nov-18
  • Episode No.52 Date: 13-Nov-18
  • Episode No.53 Date: 14-Nov-18
  • Episode No.54 Date: 15-Nov-18
  • Episode No.55 Date: 16-Nov-18
  • Episode No.56 Date: 19-Nov-18
  • Episode No.57 Date: 20-Nov-18
  • Episode No.58 Date: 21-Nov-18
  • Episode No.59 Date: 22-Nov-18
  • Episode No.60 Date: 23-Nov-18

KBC Play Along Terms & Condition

  • The abovementioned schedule could be added to, modified or cancelled based on programming/ technical requirements and in the event the Show is for any reason rescheduled, extended, cancelled or terminated early.
  • The mobile number from which the registration is received will be used to identify the PAP as a unique identification number. We urge PAPs to use numbers where they would be clearly identified as the PAP of the Contest.
  • Any entry for participation in the PAG is not transferrable.
  • The failure to provide proof or affidavit of eligibility, including the proof of name, address and correct date of birth within the time as stipulated in the Rules & Regulations or upon request by the Company may result in disqualification. The Company also reserves the right to disqualify a PAP in case where a discrepancy is found to exist in the information furnished/provided/stated by the PAP during the conversation with the Company or any of the Company’s sub-contractors and vendors in the PAG, and/or in the information stated in the documents furnished by the PAP or at any time.

KBC Play Along Registration Steps – Download SonyLiv App

  1. Download the Sony Liv App from the application store. Please note, the application download is free of cost, however data charges may apply. For further details please contact your telecom operator.
  2. Click on “KBC Play Along”.
  3. Register mobile number and email address. Please note that we will be able to get in touch with you, if needed, only if the mobile number you have input is registered with the service provider in India.
  4. Select Language Preference (English/ Hindi). e) Provide confirmation with regards to the Age eligibility, citizenship and acceptance of Terms and conditions.
  5. Click on the ‘Play Game’ tab. Please note that the ‘Play Game’ tab will only be available as per the Show times during the questions the Hot Seat Contestant is asked.
  6. In the event the PAP uses a SIM card not registered in his name for registration, the Company will not be responsible to track such PAP.
  7. In the event it is not possible to determine with certainty the person who registered from a particular mobile number, that entry would be disqualified. PAP(s) are requested to use mobile numbers which are unique to them.
  8. Taking part in the registration process shall be deemed to be acceptance by the Participant(s) to receive promotional messages from the Company or any third party so authorized by the Company. j) The procedures for registration and participation in the PAG are subject to the Rules & Regulations stated herein. Non-conformance by any PAP(s) to the Rules & Regulations will disqualify him/her from participation or winnings, immediately, as the case may be.

KBC Play Along Playing Rules – Download SonyLiv APK

  1. During each episode of the Show, the PAP will have to answer questions within the Stipulated Time.
  2. The Stipulated Time varies for each question, and will be a minimum of 15 seconds
  3. For every question answered correctly, the PAP will be awarded points (as per the points’ tree shown in PAG).

KBC Play Along Question Points – SonyLiv KBC Play Along Points

  • First Question for 1,000 rupees You will get – 10 Point
  • Second Question for 2,000 rupees You will get – 20 Point
  • Third Question for 3,000 rupees You will get – 30 Point
  • Forth Question for 5,000 rupees You will get – 50 Point
  • Fifth Question for 10,000 rupees You will get – 100 Point
  • 6th Question for 20,000 rupees You will get – 200 Point
  • 7th Question for 40,000 rupees You will get – 400 Point
  • 8th Question for 80,000 rupees You will get – 800 Point
  • 9th Question for 160,000 rupees You will get – 1600 Point
  • 10th Question for 3,20,000 rupees You will get – 3,200 Point
  • 11th Question for 6,40,000 rupees You will get – 6,400 Point
  • 12th Question for 12,50,000 rupees You will get – 12,500 Point
  • 13th Question for 25,00,000 rupees You will get – 25,000 Point
  • 14th Question for 50,00,000 rupees You will get – 50,000 Point
  • 15th Question for 1,00,0o,000 rupees You will get – 1,00,000 Point
  • 16th Question for 7,00,0o,000 rupees You will get – 7,00,000 Point


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