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KBC Today Question (25th June 2017) & Answer – kbc.sonyliv.com

KBC JIO User Question (25th June 2017) & Answer – kbc.sonyliv.com KBC 2nd Registration Question for JIO User KBC Today Question and Answer for 25th June 2017 :

KBC Today Question Answer for JIO User

Today (21.06.2017), once again Amitabh Bachchan is going to ask KBC Today Question at 09:00 PM (Today Evening). Candidates, who have missed a chance of Registration yesterday, they must try today to complete KBC Registration 2017.

You can become Crorepati (Millionaire). To get an opportunity to play KBC Season 2017, first, you need to attempt KBC Today Question with a correct answer. We all know that list of shortlisted candidates will generate through a computerized process. Selected candidates will then call for next round.

KBC Question 25th June 2017 for JIO User : At the International Court of Justice, India is contesting the death penalty given by Pakistan to which Indian national?

A) Kulbhushan Jadhav (Correct Answer)
B) Kashmir Singh
C) Chandu Chavan
D) Sheikh Nabi Ahmed

KBC Registration Question (25th June, 2017)

Today, Amitabh Bachchan will ask KBC Registration Question in two languages English & Hindi. As we all know that, KBC Today Question will be multiple choice questions, where you have to provide your correct answer.

KBC JIO User Question & Answer

For your registration, you can call on IVRS number. If your KBC Today Question Answer is A (option A), then you can dial 505252501. If your answer is B (option B), then you can dial 505252502. For Answer C (option C), you can dial 505252503 and For Answer D (option D), you can dial 505252504.

KBC Phone Number

KBC 2017 First Question Today

Reliance JIO & Other users (Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, BSNL, Etc.) can also submit an answer of KBC Today Question using SONY LIV App. SONY LIV App is available to download for Android & IOS mobile. You need to submit answer along with few personal details like Name, Age, Gender, Contact No, Location/State, etc.

People can also give an answer to KBC 20th June Question by visiting the official website. KBC Official Website is kbc.sonyliv.com.

Read This also: Official Website of KBC 9 to Register

KBC Registration SMS Format & Details

You can also send SMS to 509093. To send answer through mobile SMS, you must have to type SMS in the following format.

KBC SMS Format: KBC <space> (A/B/C/D) <space> Age <space> (M/F/O)

  • M stands for : Male
  • F stands for : Female
  • O stands for : Other

KBC Registration Question Answer (17th June, 2017)

Now we talk about KBC Yesterday Question Answer, then here we have given complete question with answer. KBC 17th June Question was so easy, as Question was from one of the most blockbuster movies BAHUBALI. KBC 17th June Question is as follow.

KBC Today Question & Answer for 18th June 2017

KBC First Question: In which Kingdom is the story of the ‘Bahubali’ series of films mainly set?

  1. Magadh
  2. Mahishmati (correct answer)
  3. Kalinga
  4. Badami

KBC Season 9 Registration Question

Finally, interested candidates must have to submit his/her answer before evening 09:00 PM. We have given complete instruction to provide your answer using a Phone call, Mobile App, Website or Mobile SMS. You can prefer one of the methods to send answer to KBC Today Question. You can use the same method to send answer of KBC 18th June Question. For any query, leave your comment in our comment box. We will try our best to give a complete solution of your problem.

KBC JIO Registration Questing 25th June, 2017

We also request you visit our website regularly. Official website of KBC Season 9 may get down due to heavy traffic. You can find KBC Season 9 Question & Answer for 18th June 2017 here.

KBC Thank You

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